“New” Music Inspired by AC/DC

A few weeks ago I pulled out my tubs o’ CDs to get into the spirit of writing about music and I stumbled on a disc that was in a card board sleeve.  It was a collection of “new” tunes by various artists who are “inspired by AC/DC”.

Looks like it was included with issue 125 of Classic Rock Magazine with Angus Young on the cover.  It is probably the reason why I picked it up and I might still have that mag lying around somewhere.  A quick google search tells me the issue is from November, 2008.  So, the “new” music is close to a decade old… time flies!  I thought it would be fun to see what they would recommend for us AC/DC fanatics and maybe we would be turned onto something new… ish!  So, Let’s see what they have for us…

ACDC inspired back

1. Airbourne – Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

Of course I know these guys.   THE band to bring “hair metal” back in a real way unlike the goofy Steel Panther.  Great band, great tune.

2. Rose Tattoo – Man About Town

Never heard of this band and apparently they have been around since the ’80s.  They “toured with” (which probably means they opened for) ZZ Top, Aerosmith, and Gunners back in the day.  Pretty good rocker and Mars Approved.  Will check out more from them.

3. BugGirl – Ian Astbury

Who is Ian?  The line repeated in the chorus is “After the Show”.  Maybe I should google Ian Astbury?… meh, the singer for this band is kind of annoying.  She is trying to do her best Geddy Lee but it isn’t working for me.  Nice Angus like “chicken pickin” style of breakdown a-la Shoot To Thrill though.

4. Stone Gods – I’m with The Band

This song is more Def Leppard-ish than AC/DC.  This is from their 2008 album Silver Spoons and Broken Bones.  Not really my speed but I could see how others could dig it.

5. Thunderwing – Alive in the USA
New band to me and I’m digging this one.  This is from their 2008 album of the same title.  Getting some real Powerage vibes from this tune.  Will check out more from these guys.  No YouTube video for this one… too bad.

6. Zero Down – Good Times… At The Gates of Hell

This is from their 2008 album of the same title.  Got some Powerage-ish vibes from this one too.  Not bad.

7. Krokus – Hellraiser

This Swiss band started in 1976 and… yes, of course I know these guys!  But, to be honest, I haven’t listen to too much from them.  This is from their 15th album (same title) in 30 years and this tune sounds great!  It is NOT a cover of the Ozzy/Lemmy song.  Legit good tune.  This is in my wheelhouse!

8. The Donnas – Girl Talk

Another group I know.  This is from their 2007 album, Bitchin’.  I have always dug this band, but their chorus/harmonies do sound a wee bit cheerleader-ish to me.  Respect to The Donnas but I don’t go out of my way to listen to them.

9. Broken Teeth – Blood on the Radio

This band from Austin, Texas had an album out with the same name in 2004 but the song is from another album, Electric that came out in 2007.  I guess AC/DC did do that with If You Want Blood, You Got It!  Anyway, this tune has some big time Let There Be Rock influence in it but not interesting enough to keep me going.

10. The Cheaters – All The Drugs
This is from their 2006 album The Cheaters’ L.P.  Their sound leans more towards Aerosmith with the harmonies than AC/DC.  OK, song but forgettable. Not much info on them out there.  When I tried to google them I got one person who was asking on a message board “Are men more likely to  cheat while on drugs?”…. Yes.  If they are human, then yes they are.

11. The Infamous – Inside
Who are these guys?  Good question.  I couldn’t tell you.  I tried doing a Google search and some Mobb Depp rapper keeps coming up.  The song wasn’t worth pursuing further anyway.

12. The Datsuns – Your Bones

OK, a band I’m familiar with!  The Datsuns are from Down Under and have a solid sound.  This is from their 2008 album Headstunts.  Not their best work, honestly.  Sounds like they were aiming for a contemporary pop chorus which really isn’t them.  Just stick to rockin’ guys.

13. Rebolt – Bad Boy (For You)

This is from their 2006 album Made In Spite EP.  Kind of falls off a cliff after a sweet chuggin’ opening.  Meh, It’s alright.  It’s the studio version on the disc but here they are performing it live because that is all YouTube has.

14. The Orphans – Monster
Did you know The Orphans is the name of a gang in the film The Warriors?  Or how it is also the title of a TV series that just started last year on Sci-Fi in the States?  Yeah, another band that is tough to search for on Google.  Song isn’t worth exporting any further.

14. Saxon – Wheels of Steel

Aw, how could you not know The Sax?  Well, I really haven’t listen to much from them outside of this song until Deke wrote up a review their live album from 1982 call The Eagle Has Landed.  I was impressed after giving it spin.  It has been downloaded on my phone since and I’m looking for a legit copy now.  This track sounds like it might be the same 8 min 30 second track from that album.

So, not a bad disc overall.  It is not all gold, but I do have some legit bands with legit tunes to check out.

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