Hello, WordPress fam!

I trust that all is good in your neck of the woods and you’re all having the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since they last aired A Christmas Story on TBS.

I have a bit of happy/sad news for It is coming to end. In fact, you’re reading the very last post from this site right now!

Yes, so long! Farewell! It is time to say goodbye!

Yeah, this has been coming for some time. You might have noticed that the ol’ blog is in need of some serious repair. Real-life got to be a bit of a shitshow last summer, so when came up for renewal this past August, I allowed it to lax. The site reverted back to a free WordPress theme sometime in October which explains the banner featuring some broad doing yoga in the mountains. I look at this site now and all I see are broken links, a number of series I started but never finished, and a site that lacks focus in general.

I know, a renewal of will fix some of the issues, but not all of them.

So, I’m taking this as an opportunity to begin anew. Yes, I’m NOT leaving WordPress but I am changing my location.

I am really bummed out how this blog is all over the place. I started this site with a focus on reviewing Blu-rays before switching to music, then to straight movie reviews, back to music, to a little of everything. I have a tendency to want to write about everything and I end up burning out. Doing weekly reviews on Tragically Hip albums AND James Bond movies was way too much for me, and it looked like it was never going to end there for a while.

But, I learned so much from writing this blog. I’ve tried doing daily posts, writing on current events, short & punchy reviews, and long technical ones. I experimented with just about everything I wanted to on here.

The process I enjoyed the most was the one I used for The Hip series. I took a full week with each album and really absorbed them. I discovered what I didn’t like at first I’d come to love later. And, sometimes, what I did like at first got on my nerves later. I can never unhear that damn cowbell in 50 Mission Cap, but I’m so stoked to have finally figured out the meaning behind those lyrics!

So, that is what I’m going to apply to my NEW site, The focus will be on music from Canadian Artists in my preferred genres of rock, metal, and blues. It will mostly be album reviews with some book and movie reviews that fit within the site’s theme. And, there will be no more than one weekly post (sometimes less) as to not burn out.

I appreciate any and all who do end up joining me there. The site just says “coming soon” right now, but it will be up fully by the New Year. It is sad for me to have to let this site go, but with all that I learned here, I’m way more thankful that it existed.

Rest Easy,

31 thoughts on “RIP

  1. Ah, shit.

    I’ll miss this. I for one liked the lack of focus or whatever you want to call it. But I’ll be with you on your new journey.

    PS thanks for also warning us about what happens if we lapse in our fees.


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  2. Well, you know you have my complete support. You’re right, this summer is where it all came undone, and in a lot of ways, my blog and my interaction on WP has been affected. So long Buriedonmars! Hello Cdn Grooves!

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  3. I kinda like watching broads do yoga! (Insert old man creepy comment here lol)
    Seriously though I get it. Look forward to your new adventure as you are a great writer.
    I didn’t realize you paid for it. I’m too cheap and my typing/use of words is shit so I can’t justify paying WordPress lol
    All the best Bro..

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  4. Gosh, you scared me! I thought you were leaving WordPress for good. I haven’t been digging any Canadian artists recently, but I’m happy that you’re making the decision to write about what you’re passionate about and show off your proud Canadian self! I’ll probably follow your new blog anyways to see what you’re up to. I’m going to miss for sure! It was your review of ‘Flick of the Switch’ that turned me onto your blog over a year ago because I was doing my ‘Flick of the Switch’ review around the same time. If it weren’t for this blog, my blog would’ve never took off and I never would’ve met Deke, Mike, John, Meat, and Aaron! I owe you and so much, and I’m excited to see where your new blog will take you, Kevin!

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  5. I’m just learning this now on January 7, lol. Talk about unorganized and falling behind. Man, I hear you on burning out and things getting in the way and it seeming endless. Ive done it myself on KMA many times. And now I’m off to follow the new one!

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