Hey Now!

BuriedOnMars is the handle.  Most people shorten it to “Mars” (Very few to “Buried”) or use my real name Kevin.  I’ve been reviewing and talking about retro and modern video games on YouTube since 2012.  In September 2015, I began co-hosting a podcast with my friend Ram Vox and we slowly began branching out to other media like movies and music.

I began this blog as a way to catalog the movies I have watched into my brain.  I have a nasty habit of watching a film and forgetting everything about it in a week or two.  I really enjoy watching films on Blu-ray with all the extra content and what-not.  Writing about them helps me remember them.

However, when I joined, my wife Sarah (who had already been blogging for years under the handle, Sarca at Caught Me Gaming) got me into all of these wonderful bloggers who write passionately about music.  At the start, I was just going to write a few posts about some Motorhead LPs I picked up and then the bug hit me.  I started writing more and more about music.  Specifically about my favorite band of all time, AC/DC.

So, now I will say this blog is about whatever I feel like writing about.  Hard rock, metal, blues, Blu-ray movies, video games… whatever tickles me for week to week.  Peace and Love and I look forward to reading your comments on the blogs!


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