About Me

My name is Kevin but I got this hand BuriedOnMars that kind of stuck.  So, that expains that, lol  

I originally began this blog as a way to catalog the movies I have watched but I have since met all of these wonderful bloggers who passionately write about music.  At the start, I was just going to write a few posts about some Motorhead LPs I picked up and then the bug hit me.  I started writing more and more about music.  Specifically about my favorite band of all time, AC/DC.

So, now I will say this blog is about whatever I feel like writing about.  I love my Canadian bands like Sloan, The Sheepdogs, RUSH, etc.  But any ol’ Hard rock, thrash metal, blues band will do in a pinch!  I still watch a ton of movies, so my “Movie Lists with Juicy Stats” are posted every month.  Some of my reader get a real kick out of them!  Peace and Love and I look forward to reading your comments on the blogs!

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