Collection Update | July 14th, 2021 | AKA: Road Trip, Part Deux! The Quest for Less Money!

Yesterday we went walking in the jungle and today we took on a concrete one, Toronto. Our goal? To buy more records! I know, I know, I know. We just went record shopping a few days ago, but this will be our last chance to hit some Toronto stores for a while as our holidays are wrapping up soon. And, looking back at my files, I can see that it has been THREE YEARS since we last visited Sonic Boom or Kops in T.O. Where does the time go?!?!

We arrived in the Big Smoke and found some parking just before noon. We headed to Kops first since they were already open at 11AM:

Kops is in a new location on Queen Street West since we last visited and I got to say, HUGH improvement! Their previous location didn’t have the best lighting and it was near impossible for people to squeeze past each other in the aisles. Now, it is as bright as an Apple Store with plenty of room. What I love about Kops is their section dedicated to Canadian music. It works on me as I end up finding a lot more than I am looking for:

All Canadian! We have such great music here. That Frank Marino album cooks. COOKS, I say. I was blown away (yet again!) by his guitar playing. I grabbed the BTO live album because I wanted to hear them play Mountain’s Mississippi Queen live. They did not disappoint. That Turner can really sing! There are two new songs on the album that sounded really fake live. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and yep, they were actually studio tracks with crowd noise added. Boy, was everyone messing with their live albums!?!?!

I haven’t listened to the Saga albums yet but I’m looking forward to it. We’re spinning The Northern Pikes right now, and it is freakin’ good. The Pursuit of Happiness albums I grabbed for two different versions of I’m An Adult Now. Because, why not? It is a great tune. I never thought I’d get a chance to own Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet’s Having An Average Weekend, but here it is on a reissue of Savvy Show Stoppers. Finding this stuff was the best part of the day!


I did visit some other sections of the store and found:

Stiff Upper Lip completes my North American AC/DC albums on vinyl. It will upset some people when I say my collection is complete without having Blow Up Your Video on vinyl but too bad. You go buy that hot mess, lol

Royal Blood’s middle child How Did We Get So Dark? completes the set until they release more. So, with two collections finished, why not start more? Curtis Mayfield is an artist I have been wanting to get into more as I have always admired him from afar. So, why not start with his two biggest albums, Curtis and the soundtrack to Super Fly? For the Raconteurs, I only need their 2nd album to complete that set. Now, onto Sonic Boom:

Sorry for the glare. I’m not much of a photographer.

I got to say… I was a little disappointed with this visit as I only got two items:

I guess it is about time I lucked out a bit.

George Harrison’s Brainwashed is his last album from 2004. It is a great one and I rarely see it out there! And who doesn’t love Carly? You’re So Vain sold a plethora of copies of No Secrets. So at least they were quality additions to the collection!

But, man… the place seemed to be a bit tapped out of used stock. I looked for all of my usual bands but…

Plenty of new stuff on the shelves but it was pricey! $56 for Dire Straits On Every Street? Maybe that is why they had 6 copies of it still. $40.99 for the Sabbath with Dio reissues? Not $39.99. $40.99. Bizarre.

Plus, the guy behind the counter was playing his own music. Not music he owns. Music from his band. I thought it sounded like crap but people were coming up to him asking where they could buy the album. They were telling him it sounded like New Order, and Sarah said the same. So, what do I know? He was directing people to his band’s website and I had flashbacks to the convo Ladano was having with Robert Lawson on The Lebrain Train. Both have experience working in a record store and both said the only rule for playing music in the store was it had to be sold in the store. I think they both would have fired Fake New Order Dude.


Collection Update | June 20th, 2021

Didn’t I just do one of these?!?! Well, this weekend was the first since February where I was able to return to a record store! A real one with walls and stuff.

With Covid restrictions relaxing a bit, Sarah and I headed over to Kop Records in The ‘shwa (Oshawa). There was only 10 people allowed in the store at a time, but we only had to wait about 5 minutes to get in. Not bad considering the trade off was no people breathing down my neck while I looked at records. Completely worth it!


My first goal was to check the price for the new Black Keys album. It was 27 moosebucks which is a heck of a lot better than the 40 amazon is charging. My next mission was to head over to the Canadian section and grab all of the Coney Hatch, FM, Mahogany Rush, and Saga I could find. They didn’t have anything from FM I needed but I did find three Mahogany Rush albums, Strange Universe, IV, and Tales of the Unexpected and two Saga albums, Silent Knight and their self titled debut.

The only Coney Hatch album they had was the self titled debut, but it was a head trip to buy it in The ‘shwa considering it was recorded in the same town 40 years earlier! Below Coney was Not Fragile from BTO in the “Bs”. A few weeks ago my pal Matt Bandy was talking up this record and seeing it for 5 moosebucks made it a no brainer.

Finally, as I was about to head to the cash I remembered to check for some Mountain. Instead of Mountain, I found a Leslie West solo album, The Great Fasto (West had no shame!) and a side project album he did with Jack Bruce of Cream called Why Dontcha. I streamed Why Dontcha a while ago and it has been on my wish list for months, so I knew I was getting a crackin’ record. The Great Fasto is a blind buy but I think it will be a good one for 8 moosebucks.

You will have a full report on all of these albums whenever I get around to reviewing them. If you want more for now I went through them on Bill’s Vinyl Collection show starting at the 1hr 57 minutes. It take me about 10 minutes to go through them.

So far I’ve spun the two Saga records, Coney Hatch, and Why Dontcha. All good times!