October 2020 Music Collection Update, Part 1

October was an excellent month for adding new tunes to the collection!  I’ve been doing very well selling off video games and squirreling away the profits, but I allowed myself to spend some of the earnings on discs with music on them.  The month was so good, I decided to break them up into TWO parts!

Also, I need some time to listen to this stuff, hence the mid-November post.  It is what it is.

For part one, these are all albums I grabbed from eBay, amazon, and a online order from The Beat Goes On.  Some is new, some is used.  All were in the $10 -$15 range except for the box sets.  So, here we go:

I wanted to full some holes in my Anthrax collection and I did:


Worship Music is from 2011 and For All Kings is from 2016.  Anthem is an EP collection of cover tunes that does include Rush’s Anthem among others. Chile On Hell is a live CD/DVD box set of a show they did in 2014, which has a crowd that is WAY in Anthrax.  A fun watch, for sure.

Fistful of Metal is their debut with their first vocalist, Neil Turbin.  Neil’s voice is not as melodic Belladonna’s, but he has a great rocks voice and wrote some solid lyrics.  I’m happy with all of these. 

Continuing with the thrash metal, I got Testament’s Titans of Creation which came out earlier this year in March.  


I want to do a full review before the year is up as I’m sure it will make my best of 2020 list. 

I also grabbed the last Black Sabbath album I’ll need with Ozzy:


The End is an EP of extra material from the last studio album, 13 that was originally only available to those who attended their final tour.  But it must have been reissued at some point because it wasn’t very expensive on eBay and it seems legit.

For some reason during one of my purge sessions I got rid of my Pantera CDs.  Well, I corrected that error this month: 

20201108_202330 When it comes to Pantera, the first three albums are my jam.  Although, I have turned the corner on Reinventing the Steel and may have a deluxe edition soon heading my way. 

I got three Alice Cooper albums:


The early Greatest Hits collection has different mixes that what is on the album.  Plus, it is the one I had on cassette during my teens. 


Deep Purple’s In Rock is staple in influencing heavy metal bands that followed it.  Just listen to it back to back with Iron Maiden’s first album for proof.  People seem to be mixed on The Who’s The Who By Numbers but I like it.  Squeeze Box is the tune causal fans will know but it has quite a few solid album tracks on it. 


I have both of Led Zeppelin’s In Through The Out Door and Presence on vinyl already, but they’re not in the best shape.  I bought them in the ’90s when they were more for wall art.  These were dirt cheap and in nice shape, so I though why not? 


For some reason I stopped buying Sloan albums at some point.  Another correction needed to make.  Peppermint is an early EP with some tunes that ended up on their debut album but with different mixes, so you’ll need this if you want the OGs.  I don’t have too much experience yet with Never Hear The End Of It but Parallel Play is a gem of an album.  Doesn’t get the respect it has earned! 


Jimi Hendrix Blues was an album one of my college roommates had and I always had wanted and People, Hell & Angels is a collection of rare tracks all remastered by Eddie Kramer.  And… oops, Stone Free is a $2 mission thrift pickup that slipped in here.  Well, the tribute album is mostly “meh” but there are some gems. 

And finally, 


I already wrote about Tom Petty’s Wildflowers & All The Rest right here.   Just thought I’d mention it again to remind people of how good it is. 

So, that is all.  That would have been enough but I had a good day at my local mission thrift last month.  So, Part Deux will feature some Paul Simon, The Beatles, and a rare Beach Boys set!  All $2 grabs  You don’t want to miss it!

20 thoughts on “October 2020 Music Collection Update, Part 1

  1. I thought I was at the Snowman’s site!! lol. Real cool haul of Anthrax and Pantera. Your house will be Rockin so don’t bother knocking!
    Plus Coop and some Cancon with Sloan and The Who so no one now can take your squeeze box away!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Holy smokes, I see a lot of glory there! All unimpeachable choices. Of course I recommend all the Sloans, and NHTEOI was my Album Of The Year for 2006! It’s soooo good. I’ve always loved that Hendrix Blues disc, I had it back in the day and for some reason it isn’t here now. Oversiiiiight. I want that Tom Petty, but $60 right now, after ordering the Sloan B-sides LP = wishlist!

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    1. I know, the end of the year is really hitting us with the choice releases. This was supposed to be a lost year! Thankfully, I was able to cover Sloan B-sides with some money I made by selling off some video games.


      1. Excellent usage of funds, not gonna lie. But I’m not a gamer, so your mileage will vary! Man, I thought I’d better get a start on my Best Albums Of 2020 list but… I haven’t bought much. For me, this really has been a lost year. Almost all the money I got went into keeping the place afloat, feeding younglings, etc. I maybe bought 4 new releases this year? 5?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I hear you, man. I really feel bad for everyone who is struggling right now. Thankfully, Sarah and I have been able to continue to work. I here a couple of vaccines are around the corner. It is just going to take a while to get it to everyone. Hopefully this thing will be over sooner than later.


          1. Yeah same here, my lovely wife has never stopped working. She’s an essential worker (mental health therapist in a hospital) so she didn’t get a choice. We’ll see about the vaccines. We have to have optimism.

            Liked by 1 person

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